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Oost Begroot | IJburg, Zeeburgereiland

Engelse bewonersbrief

Date: 2 September
Subject: Voting Oost Begroot IJburg, Zeeburgereiland (Budget district East: IJburg, Zeeburgereiland)


Dear resident of IJburg, Zeeburgereiland,

The time has now come for you to cast your vote for the plans submitted for IJburg, Zee-burgereiland. You and all other residents of IJburg, Zeeburgereiland get to decide how the €200,000 budget is spent. This letter includes a unique and personal voting code. From 9 September at 12.00 until 5 October at 12.00, you will be able to vote via www.amsterdam.nl/oostbegroot. Select IJburg, Zeeburgereiland in the right column.

How does it work?

  • Go to the website www.amsterdam.nl/oostbegroot and select IJburg, Zeeburgerei-land in the right column. Go to ‘Vote’.
  • Select the plans of your choosing. Please bear in mind the available budget per theme. The plans you choose per theme may not exceed this budget per theme. You do not have to use the entire amount per theme.
  • Vote using your personal voting code.
  • The winning plans will be announced on 7 October 2020. The plans must be com-pleted within one year of the announcement.

Do you need help voting by computer? We will be at the following locations at the follow-ing times to offer assistance. Of course we will take into account the applicable coronavirus measures.

  • Tuesday 15 September
    • 10.00 – 12.00 Zeeburgereiland sports building, Foekje Dillemastraat 4
    • 13.00 – 15.00 IJburg shopping centre, IJburglaan 723 (in the middle of the square)
  • Thursday 1 October
    • 10.00 – 12.00 Dynamo Steigerplek, William Barlostraat 1
    • 15.30 – 17.30 IJburg sports centre, Pampuslaan 1


In total 86 plans have been submitted for the following themes:

  • Connecting the neighbourhood - €36,857
  • Facilities/activities children and young people - €43,714
  • Cultural activities - €32,381
  • Climate and sustainability - €35,810
  • More green - €51,238

Why Oost Begroot (Budget for East)?

District Oost believes that residents know what their neighbourhood needs. This year a budget of €200,000 has been made available per area for plans submitted by residents and local entrepreneurs. In total 86 plans have been submitted for Oost Begroot in IJburg, Zee-burgereiland. For more information about the plans and the process, go to oostbe-grootijburgzbe.amsterdam.nl.

Questions and help

  • Do you have any questions about Oost Begroot and are you unable to find the an-swer at www.amsterdam.nl/oostbegroot? If so, please contact us via 06 387 380 41 or send an email to oostbegrootijburgzbe@amsterdam.nl.  
  • If you have any trouble voting online, ask your family, friends or neighbours for help. You can also drop by for assistance at various squares in IJburg, Zeeburgereiland and the district office. The dates and locations are included in this letter. Bring this let-ter, your personal voting code and a form of ID. 
  • You can also vote on behalf of others. Bring their letter, personal voting code, a copy of their passport and a letter of consent.

Kind regards, 
Also on behalf of the district committee of district Oost,

Rick Vermin                            
District manager 


If you would like to be personally informed of the results of the vote or about plans for the next Oost Begroot, then please send us your email address via 
oostbegrootijburgzbe@amsterdam.nl, or enter your information after the vote.

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